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Big Sky Skylights

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Square and Rectangular domes

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Bronze square dome to slab

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Opel rectangular unit 1.8 x 2.2m

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Opal square dome on louvred base for permanent ventilation

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Square access hatch in closed position.

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Square access hatch open.

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Winding mechanism to raise skylight for variable ventilation.

Domes for access hatches or with ventilation

Domes are formed by heating the acryilc sheet and forming them using a vacuum.

The are robust, do not have any joins, and have the advantage of a wide range of colours and tints to regulate how much light and heat enters the area below.

Access hatches are commonly used on office buildings where maintenance crews need to access plant on the roof.

Installing an access hatch instead of a conventional staircase is a far cheaper option.

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